Can You Microwave Corningware?

Q: During the summer, I went garage sale hunting and ended up finding some stunning Corningware dishes that my mother used to have when I was a child. Can you microwave Corningware? A: Corningware is one of the most common baking dishes on the market today. Their brand has been around for decades, and their products […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Ziploc Containers?

Q: I have heard time and time again that you CANNOT put plastic in the microwave? Why is that? I read that Ziploc is microwave safe, how can that be safe for my family and me? A: Ziploc is an amazing brand that is truly innovative in making sure the health of their customers is […] Read more »

Can You Microwave A Towel?

Q: When I come home from my workout, I like to use a heating pad, or warm towel right from the dryer to help me relax and wind down. The only problem is that since I moved to an apartment, doing the dryer trick isn’t feasible for my budget. However, I know you can microwave […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Mason Jars?

Q: Hi there, just wondering, since Mason jars are glass, that would make them microwave safe right? I want a simple way to can my veggies and then take them from the pantry, and right to the microwave. Everywhere I looked said it was okay, I just want to make sure because I am on […] Read more »

Can I put saran wrap in the microwave?

Q: I hear so much back and forth about being able to put plastic in the microwave. Is it safe? What are the risks? How can I make sure? A: There is no easy answer to if putting plastic in the microwave is safe. The FDA advises against putting anything not labeled “microwave safe” in […] Read more »

Can you microwave Rubbermaid?

Q. I was having a clear out at home as we are moving house and found some of my old Rubbermaid kitchenware. I was going to put it in the garage sale but then again some of it is in great condition and I don’t have much that I can use in the microwave. It […] Read more »

Can you microwave Gladware?

Q. I am a bit of a bargain hunter but now I think I have got myself stuck with a load of kitchenware that I don’t know what to do with. I found a bunch of GladWare for sale and snapped it up as it was really cheap (second hand) but I didn’t think about […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Ceramic

Q. I have decided that I will start making my lunch for work and heat it there to save some money and be a little healthier. Today I made a huge batch of soup that I would like to take in a big container to last me a few days. There’s a refrigerator at the […] Read more »

Can I microwave wax paper?

Q. In an attempt to save money I want to start making my lunch at home to take with me to work. There is a microwave at the office so it should be easy enough to heat things up. I want to make wraps to take with me but they fall apart in a plastic […] Read more »

Can you microwave solo cups?

Q. In the cold winter months I like to take a flask of soup to work but when things get busy, I can’t always take my lunch break early enough for the soup to stay warm. There is a stack of solo cups by the water cooler in the office and I wondered if I […] Read more »