Can You Microwave Ziploc Containers?

Q: I have heard time and time again that you CANNOT put plastic in the microwave? Why is that? I read that Ziploc is microwave safe, how can that be safe for my family and me?

ziploc containers

A: Ziploc is an amazing brand that is truly innovative in making sure the health of their customers is put before anything else. The fear is that when plastic is microwaved, it would release a chemical called Dioxin. Food with high-fat content, therefore, would absorb this chemical, and would make us very sick if we ate it. However, what is important to note, is that this chemical has only ever been released when temperatures reach over 1,500 degrees F. Microwaves will never reach this high a temperature. Ever.

Ziploc has confirmed on their website, however, that even if microwaves were that powerful, their plastics do not contain the chemical dioxin, and, therefore, are microwave safe. They are also BPA free, and fully recyclable. This goes for their containers and plastic baggies!

When microwaving any dish in a Ziploc container, make sure to vent it, as the pressure from the steam may work against you and cause a terrible mess!

While these studies were done years ago, companies have taken measures to ensure consumer safety. If a box is labeled “microwave safe” you can assume it is. If you still need more assurance, check the website of the brand. There they typically will boast about their status, and the advancements they have made to make you safer and healthier.

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  1. Cynthia A says:

    I was just given an old Montgomery Wards 1.5 microwave and I need to know what my options are as to what products are safe to use for popping regular pop corn in it. I cannot eat the microwave popcorn due to the enormous salt content. Thanks for your help.

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