Can You Defrost Fish in the Microwave?

Q: Earlier in the week, I had bought some fresh fish from the market and froze it. I wanted it for dinner tonight, but I forgot to lay it out to thaw. Can I use the microwave when I get home from work to safely thaw my fish? A: Typically, you would want to put […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Crab Legs?

Q: I love seafood, but I never take any of my leftovers home because I don’t know how to reheat crab legs. Recently my granddaughter told me about how she just microwaves her King crab legs in the microwave whenever she wants them. Is that safe? Can you microwave crab legs? A: King crab that you […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Shrimp?

Q. I sometimes make a sautéed shrimp dish with tomatoes, garlic, onions, and herbs. Since I’m the only one at home that likes shrimp, I typically end up with leftovers. I usually heat the leftovers up on the stove or bake them in the oven, but it’s so time consuming that I often just end […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Mussels?

Q. I like to cook mussels for dinner sometimes, but I’ve always cooked them the same way. I find that it can be a bit time consuming and I would like to find a faster way to cook them. My son thinks I’m old-fashioned, and suggested that I simply microwave the mussels instead. He said […] Read more »