Can You Cook Spaghetti Noodles In The Microwave?

Q: Since moving off to college, I have been eating nothing but cafeteria food. The processed food is really starting to get to me, and I would love nothing more than a home-cooked meal. Sadly, the only thing us students have access to are microwaves. Can you cook spaghetti noodles in the microwave? A: College is […] Read more »

Can you microwave ramen noodles?

Q. Help! I am useless at cooking, have just moved away from home for the first time and all I have is a microwave. I thought if I got those pre-packaged ramen noodles it would be easy to feed myself in a fix so I bought a big multipack. The only trouble is that the […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Spaghetti

Q: I just moved into my dorm on campus and the food here on campus, well it varies from greasy pizza and some really sketchy salads. Luckily, we have a commons that has a microwave so I have been living off of anything microwavable. I miss spaghetti, though. Is that microwaveable? A: Ugh, dorm food. […] Read more »

Can you cook rice in the microwave?

Q. I used to have a rice cooker but it has now gone to rice cooker heaven. It’s just me and my husband now that my kids have all flown the nest and I don’t know if I really need to invest in a new one if I can figure out how to cook rice […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Lentils?

Q. I love eating lentils in almost any form. I make lentil soup, lentil curry, lentil pilaf, and even make lentil burgers. Red lentils cook fairly quickly, but when I work with other lentils, particularly green or brown ones, I find that the cooking time is a real deterrent for me. I don’t mind soaking […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Kidney Beans?

Q. I grew up in a culture that uses beans in many of its traditional dishes. All types of beans are represented, including white and black beans, but the majority of dishes use kidney beans. I’ve always prepared and cooked my kidney beans the traditional way, which is to start with dried beans, soak them […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Quinoa?

Q. I have recently discovered quinoa, and have been cooking it to add to soups, pilafs, salads, and casseroles. It makes a great substitute for rice or other grains, tastes great, and is full of nutrients. I love the crunchy texture and slightly nutty taste, and have been cooking it at least once a week. […] Read more »