Can I Make Smores In The Microwave?

Q: I am hosting a cub scout group on Friday, and I want to give them something fun to munch on while they are having their meeting. I want to make smores, but it is too cold for everyone to go around a campfire, and we have an electric stove. Can I make smores in […] Read more »

Can You Melt Chocolate In The Microwave?

Q: I want to make candy this year for various holidays, but I have never done it before. I don’t really want to work with a double boiler like my mother suggested, can I just microwave the chocolate chips? A: One secret that is very well kept in the baking industry is that yes, you […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

Q: I am in a pinch. I keep seeing all these awesome recipes for cookies, but where I live, I don’t have access to an oven. Needless to say, my dormmates would quickly pounce on anything that resembles a baked good. Can I microwave cookie dough for personal servings of cookies? A: Sadly, no, you […] Read more »

Can I Make/Put Cake In the Microwave?

Q: I have seen so many recipes online about making “mug cakes.” Many of them are just tiny versions of box cakes, but without the need for the oven. Are these safe to eat because of the egg? Also, can I reheat it if there is some left over? A: The hottest trend to take […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Marshmallows?

Q. I want to make those rice cereal treats with my girls on the weekend, and I want them to be able to feel like they can do most of the preparation by themselves. They are quite young, though, and I don’t feel comfortable letting them stand over a stove to melt the marshmallows on […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Nutella?

Q. This may seem like a strange question, but I’m going to ask it anyway! I am perhaps the biggest Nutella lover around, and I put it on my toast every morning. I know that Nutella is also used in crepes and desserts, and I haven’t yet found a way that I don’t like it! […] Read more »