Can You Microwave Yogurt?

Can you microwave yogurt?

Q. I’m looking for new ways to prepare yogurt. I’ve had it in smoothies and topped it with honey, jam, and granola. I’m running out of ideas on how to eat yogurt. It’s far from being my favorite food, but I know yogurt is healthy, so I want to include more of it in my […] Read more »

Can You Poach an Egg in the Microwave?

Q: I love to get extra protein in the morning, but my cafeteria doesn’t offer much in the terms of appetizing healthy options. When I was at home, I used to always eat poached eggs, is there a way I can poach an egg in the microwave? I have no access to a stove. A: […] Read more »

Can I Microwave Milk?

Q: Since moving out of my parents house, my roommate has been challenging just about every move I make, including making hot chocolate with hot milk. Putting milk in the microwave is safe right? A: Yes, you can microwave milk with peace of mind. No matter if you are making hot cocoa or scalloped potatoes, […] Read more »

Can you microwave sour cream?

Q. I like to use sour cream in stroganoffs, sauces and even just a nice addition to soups and casseroles. The trouble is, the sauces often split very easily, even when I bring them up to room temperature. Mainly because I live in a cold area and tend to avoid using the central heating too […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Eggs?

Q. My stove has been broken for a week. As I wait for the repair or replacement I’ve had to use my often neglected microwave for some things I otherwise would never have thought of microwaving. This morning is my boiled eggs day and while I’ve done scrambled eggs, I haven’t boiled or cooked unbroken […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Kefir?

Q. I have recently been drinking a lot of kefir instead of regular milk. I like that as a fermented food it has a lot of probiotics. I enjoy it plain, but I also like to add it to smoothies, iced drinks, or even with cereal. I have toying with the idea of adding it […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Quesadillas?

Q. I have a limited lunch break at work, and have to eat quickly. I used to bring salads and cold cuts to work, but they weren’t filling enough to hold me over for the rest of the day. There is only a microwave available at work, so heating up food is possible. I prefer […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Nacho Cheese?

Q. I really love those nachos that you buy at the movie theatre, with the melted, dripping nacho cheese poured over top. Not the healthiest snack, but I like to enjoy a treat once in a while. I recently found some nacho cheese at the store, and I’ve been making my own nachos at home. […] Read more »