Can You Microwave Quesadillas?

Q. I have a limited lunch break at work, and have to eat quickly. I used to bring salads and cold cuts to work, but they weren’t filling enough to hold me over for the rest of the day. There is only a microwave available at work, so heating up food is possible. I prefer to bring something more substantial than a sandwich, and have been eating a lot of quesadillas lately. I’ve been worried about trying to heat them in the microwave because I don’t want my lunch to fall apart in my hands. They are very filling though, and such a simple lunch option that I would like to continue enjoying them for lunch. They’re easy for me to put together at home, and I can make a big batch each week, cutting my prep time down. It seems like a win-win. Can you microwave quesadillas?

can you microwave quesedillas?

can you microwave quesedillas?

A. Thankfully you have a microwave at your disposal. A salad doesn’t sound like a filling lunch to me either! The good news is that yes, you can microwave quesadillas! Since the quesadillas you bring to work are already prepared and cooked, you just need to reheat them in the microwave. If your quesadillas are made with tomatoes, there will be a bit of liquid, there is a possibility that they can become slightly soggy. Microwaving them between paper towels can help absorb some of the liquid. They can also be microwaved simply on a plate.

First, remove any covering or wrapping on the quesadilla. Place the quesadilla on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for thirty seconds, and then check the heat. If it needs to be reheated more, heat again for another thirty seconds, repeating as necessary until done. Allow the quesadilla to stand for a minute or two to avoid burns, as the inside can be extremely hot. If you are planning to microwave more than one quesadilla, I recommend that you microwave them one at a time or they will take longer to cook. Enjoy the first while the second is reheating!

Any uneaten quesadillas should be kept refrigerated until ready to consume. They can be kept safely wrapped up for a few days if refrigerated and reheated as needed. If they have meat, make sure that they are refrigerated the whole time or unsafe bacteria can grow. Make sure to wrap and refrigerate any uneaten portions immediately.

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  1. Athina says:

    You will never get a crispy quesadilla, reheating it in the microwave. regardless of if you have wetter fillings or dry ones.flour tortillas become soft when microwaved- and any crispiness you had when you pan fried it, will be gone. Taste will be there, but texture is pretty bad. I have tried this on numerous occasions.

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