Can You Defrost Turkey In The Microwave?

Q: After Thanksgiving, my family and I always split the leftovers. Well, this year, we had a lot of leftover turkey, and so I froze half of mine. I forgot to lay it out to thaw, and now it’s rock hard and I can’t make dinner. Can you defrost turkey in the microwave? A: Leftovers […] Read more »

Can you Microwave Egg Beaters?

Q: I recently had to switch to egg beaters for dietary reasons. However, I have never worked with them, and my family hasn’t either. I know that microwaving eggs can make them rubbery if you over do it, can you microwave egg beaters? A: Microwaving eggs used to be taboo in many households, however, with […] Read more »

Can you make scrambled eggs in the Microwave?

Q. With two small children, my mornings are very rushed. My eldest daughter will be starting school soon so I really need to get my routine in order. I like to give the kids something better than sugary cereals or toast and spreads, they both love eggs so I often make them scrambled. I wondered […] Read more »

Can you microwave raw chicken?

Q. My mother always told me not to microwave raw chicken as it doesn’t cook right through properly but a friend told me that she does it regularly. I have a family and am trying to decide whether the quicker cooking times are worth the risks. I couldn’t live with myself if I poisoned the […] Read more »

Can you microwave hot dogs?

Q. I love frankfurter style hotdogs but I have just moved into shared halls of residence at university. There isn’t an oven or stove that I can use to heat them up. All we have in the shared ‘kitchen’ is a toaster, coffee maker and a microwave! I tried cooking hotdogs in there and followed […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Bacon?

Q. I usually fry up bacon on a skillet but we’re out at our cabin on the lake and we’ve discovered our propane stock is spent. That means no use of the BBQ or stove until we refill in a couple days. We do have a functioning microwave though and with the family expecting delicious […] Read more »