Can You Microwave Beets?

Q: With the holidays always around the corner, I dread having to serve beets. They always stain my good dishes and splatter purple all over my stove. Can you microwave beets so that way I can just transfer them to a serving dish? A: The holidays are always times for eating too much food, and […] Read more »

Can You Roast Garlic In The Microwave?

Q: I have so many recipes in my cookbook that require me to have roasted garlic, but spending that much in the stores just silly. Is there a way to roast garlic at home that doesn’t involve hours of work? A: Roasting garlic at home in the oven does take a long time, not to […] Read more »

Can You Pop Microwave Popcorn on The Stove

Q: My microwave recently died, and right now, I am in no shape to go and get a new one. I have a hankering for popcorn, is it possible to pop microwave popcorn on the stove? A: Yes! Believe it or not, it is very easy to make microwave popcorn on a stove top, and takes […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Broccoli

Q: My family hates broccoli enough as it is, let alone when it turns out mushy. Is there anyway to steam broccoli without it getting super mushy that doesn’t involve a double boiler. Right now I am just boiling it. A: Yuck! Mushy broccoli will turn away even the most avid lovers of this fun […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Artichokes

Q: I am the only one in my family who loves artichokes, and sometimes I get really bad cravings for them. Just pick up the store bought stuff, but is there a way to make a full artichoke in the microwave, so I don’t have to heat up the whole house? A: As funny as […] Read more »

Can You Cook Corn In The Microwave?

Q: I love fresh corn on the cob, but what I don’t like is standing over the stove with a giant pot of boiling water, in my already hot house. How do I cook corn in the microwave? A: Ah, the summer challenges. Thankfully, microwaving fresh corn on the cobs is even easier than boiling […] Read more »

Can I microwave Butternut Squash?

Q: I want to start planning my garden, and this year I was gifted a ton of squash seeds. I know that I can make spaghetti squash in the microwave, but what about butternut squash? I have only ever had it done in the oven. Is it possible? A: Making butternut squash is so much […] Read more »

Can You Microwave Squash?

Q. I am new to spaghetti squash, I tried it at a friend’s house and she told me she steamed hers. I wondered if I could use a microwave instead. Can I just pierce it a few times and throw it in there like a baked potato or will it explode? It’s completely new to […] Read more »

Can you microwave asparagus?

Q. I am looking for new and healthier ways to cook certain vegetables. I have always pan fried asparagus after giving it a quick blanch in boiling water but when I pan fry it, I use lashings of butter. It tastes amazing but I’m aware that I need to cut back on some of the […] Read more »

Can You Microwave a Baked Potato

Q: There are only so many times you can have mashed potatoes with dinner. My family loves them, and frankly, I would rather have the whole potato, not just the insides. Is there a quick, easy way to microwave a potato? The oven takes too long, especially when I am making a late dinner anyways. […] Read more »