Can You Microwave Beets?

Q: With the holidays always around the corner, I dread having to serve beets. They always stain my good dishes and splatter purple all over my stove. Can you microwave beets so that way I can just transfer them to a serving dish?


A: The holidays are always times for eating too much food, and spending time with the family. Unfortunately, many of us will be stuck in the kitchen for more time than not while preparing these massive feasts. It is only logical to look for a shortcut.

To microwave beets, first, keep in mind there are two typical varieties served. Fresh, and canned. While each are similar, there are distinct differences.

If microwaving fresh beets, jab it once or twice to break the skin, then wrap in a moist paper towel. Microwave for five minutes, then test if a fork can be inserted with little resistance. Remove from microwave and carefully skin the beets. They will be very hot!

Canned beets are the more typical holiday dish. To microwave canned beets, put them in a microwave safe dish. Many people prefer glass as it does not stain; however, you can use any dish as long as it is microwave safe.

Cover, then microwave for one minute. Stir the beet slices as gently as you can, and microwave for an additional 45 seconds. Transfer to a serving dish, and enjoy!

Beets are delicious, nutritious additions to any meal, and are staples in many holiday dinners. Save some stovetop room for the potatoes and gravy; beets can be microwaved.

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