Can you make scrambled eggs in the Microwave?

Q. With two small children, my mornings are very rushed. My eldest daughter will be starting school soon so I really need to get my routine in order. I like to give the kids something better than sugary cereals or toast and spreads, they both love eggs so I often make them scrambled. I wondered if it might be quicker in the microwave though. I try not to use the microwave much apart from reheating leftovers but I think it’s time to embrace it! Can you make scrambled eggs in the microwave and if so, how long do you cook them for?


A. Yes, scrambled eggs are a quick and easy dish to make in the microwave. Some people even prefer to cook them this way than in a pan as the texture is very fluffy and light from the microwave. Scrambled eggs don’t take long on the stove but they do need to be watched closely when cooking them whereas the timer on a microwave means you can multitask more easily and step away if you are needed elsewhere for a minute or two. A must for busy parents!

In a microwave safe dish, beat together your eggs and a dash of milk with salt and pepper, just as you would when cooking them on the stove. Place the dish in the microwave and cook for one minute. Take care in removing the eggs from the microwave as the dish can get hot quickly. Stir the eggs, some will be cooked and other parts will still be raw so mix thoroughly.

Place back in the microwave and cook for a further minute and stir again. At this point you are looking for a drier texture throughout. If you are cooking a large number of eggs, you may need to add 20 seconds or so to make them all cook through.

If you have issues with eggs sticking to the bowl, you can try to grease the bowl with a cooking spray or butter before cooking. If you get issues with the eggs splattering, try placing a napkin loosely over the top of the bowl.

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