Can I Make/Put Cake In the Microwave?

Q: I have seen so many recipes online about making “mug cakes.” Many of them are just tiny versions of box cakes, but without the need for the oven. Are these safe to eat because of the egg? Also, can I reheat it if there is some left over?


A: The hottest trend to take over the internet is the “mug cake.” By far one of the easiest ways to enjoy cake on an individual basis, these fun little cakes are totally safe to eat!

Our microwaves do a great job at taking foods that would take hours to bake in the oven, do so it within minutes. But, the reason we need cakes to be in the oven for so long isn’t for the eggs, it’s to make it fluffy and allow the sugars to build bubbles, creating a fluffy texture. Thankfully, whoever created these mug cakes tapered down the recipe for an 8oz mug!

Oh, and if you don’t have a TALL mug, try doing it in a bowl. It gives you the same results, but without needing the height. Regardless, always put a plate under the bowl or cup, just because cleaning chocolate cake spill over is a sure way to put a bittersweet tinge on this treat.

If you decide not to finish your mini cake, you can cover it tightly refrigerate it. Since you ate off of it, you shouldn’t leave it at room temperature because bacteria’s can breed quickly.

To warm it back up, simply pop it back in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, until warmed. Be careful about overheating, as it will make the edges get hard and crunchy!
Mug cakes are a great way to serve guests in a fun manner, or it’s perfect for curling up with Netflix. No messy dishes, just one cup and a spoon.

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