Can You Microwave Nutella?

Q. This may seem like a strange question, but I’m going to ask it anyway! I am perhaps the biggest Nutella lover around, and I put it on my toast every morning. I know that Nutella is also used in crepes and desserts, and I haven’t yet found a way that I don’t like it! Lately I’ve been wondering if I could use Nutella as a kind of chocolate sauce to drizzle over ice cream, fruit, or cake. I can’t be bothered to heat it up on the stove, so I was wondering if I could heat it in the microwave. I’m afraid that it might burn or go all funny. Can you microwave Nutella?

Can you microwave nutella?

Can you microwave nutella?

A. First of all, you have now made me crave Nutella! Your idea to use it as a sauce over ice cream sounds so delicious! Once I’m finished writing this response I’m going to try it! The answer to your question is a great, big, YES! You can microwave Nutella. That’s a relief, right?

How to microwave Nutella?

The key to microwaving Nutella is to make sure that you don’t burn it, which will make it toughen and go dry. That happens when the moisture is wicked away during the heating process. To microwave Nutella, first scoop out the desired amount and place it in a microwave-safe container. I’m not sure if the jar itself is microwave safe, but I think it’s best to microwave it in a separate container. That also helps cut down on microwave time since you’re only heating what you need.

Then, place the container in the microwave and heat it in short intervals at medium heat. Intervals of about 15 seconds are best. Remove the Nutella after each interval and give it a stir. Microwaves heat foods from the middle out, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if the inside is getting warm. Stirring it will help distribute the heat, and then you will have a better idea if it needs to go back in the microwave. Medium heat protects it from scorching.

When the Nutella has reached the desired temperature and consistency, use it in your favourite recipe. I don’t recommend pouring leftover microwaved Nutella back in the jar, but you can keep it covered in the container it was microwaved in for a few days if you have any leftover. But, if you’re eating it right, there won’t be any leftovers!

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  1. Darla says:

    The jar is not microwave safe, learnt that the hard way 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    No. The jar is NOT microwaveable.
    Mine burst into flames in the microwave

  3. Wolfman says:

    According to this video it seems to be okay:

    But other people say it catches fire. Why didn’t his catch fire?

    • Cheryl says:

      It’s usually the label that catches fire. I believe there are microscopic metallic particles in the ink or gloss used in label printing process.

    • Grey says:

      I assume the type of jar is important or rather the type of plastic used in the lid

  4. Julia says:

    the Nutella is sealed with metal before you open it, if you don’t take it completely off, you’re going to have some problems in the microwave. If there’s no metal, the label generally doesn’t catch on fire or anything, so it’s safe 🙂

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