Can I put saran wrap in the microwave?

Q: I hear so much back and forth about being able to put plastic in the microwave. Is it safe? What are the risks? How can I make sure?

saran wrap

A: There is no easy answer to if putting plastic in the microwave is safe. The FDA advises against putting anything not labeled “microwave safe” in the microwave, and for good reason. Plastic wrap is made with chemicals that “can” leach into food when heated. The risk of DEHA, a chemical emitted by heated plastic, getting into your food is rather limited. But is more common in fatty foods such as meats and cheeses. So, technically, no you should not put plastic wrap in the microwave.

No You Should Not Microwave Saran Wrap

However, there is another study done, that the FDA has acknowledged but not given their blessing, that you can have a loose covering of plastic wrap (to reduce splatters) over your food in the microwave. With that being said, the two views are very contradicting.
Instead of using plastic wrap, use a paper towel to cover your dish or even a small plate. You really don’t want to risk your delicious leftovers with melted, gooey, chemical-laced plastic.

Bottom line, don’t microwave any material unless it explicitly says (and trust me, they plaster it everywhere) it is microwave safe.

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