Can You Microwave Corningware?

Q: During the summer, I went garage sale hunting and ended up finding some stunning Corningware dishes that my mother used to have when I was a child. Can you microwave Corningware?


A: Corningware is one of the most common baking dishes on the market today. Their brand has been around for decades, and their products have been able to stay with the times regarding being able to put them in the microwave, oven, and even on the electric stovetops.

On the Corningware website, it specifies that the French White, Gold products are microwave safe and that even though the gold brand on the dishes may deter users from putting them in the microwave, the Gold is specially formulated not to be a conductor, therefore entirely safe for your microwave and family.

Nothing is better than being able to make something in a dish, refrigerate it, then pull it out and pop it into the microwave when you are ready to make it. One dish dinners are always a crowd pleaser, and cleanup is even easier.

If you have any concerns about your dishes, you can contact Customer Support directly at:
Consumer Care Center
1 (800) 999-3436 (North America)
Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm EST
Closed Weekends

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  1. Shmorgle Pop says:

    you didn’t answer the question.
    the question is: can you put OLD Corningware in the microwave.
    your answer is: you can put NEW Corningware in the microwave.

  2. Ann Hughes says:

    What do you mean by old corningware. I have cassarole dish with lid probBly 25 yrs old. Sat idle for years use crusetnow back to old things.
    Am senior senior married 65 yes.

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