Can you microwave Rubbermaid?

Q. I was having a clear out at home as we are moving house and found some of my old Rubbermaid kitchenware. I was going to put it in the garage sale but then again some of it is in great condition and I don’t have much that I can use in the microwave. It would be a shame to get rid of it if I can still use it. Is it ok to use Rubbermaid in the microwave?


A. Yes, Rubbermaid is made to be used in the microwave. However, it is always best to check the base on any product first to see if it states ‘microwave safe’ before use. This will either be in text form or show a symbol of a microwave with ‘reheat’ written on it.

Before using any container in the microwave, either take off the lid or lift up the corners to allow ventilation. Failure to do so can allow pressure to build up inside the sealed container and the lid can pop off during cooking. This makes a whole load of mess for you to clean and detracts from the excellent timesaving that the microwave can offer.

When the time comes to remove the container from the microwave, take care to use an oven mitt and not to spill the contents on yourself. Also, use caution when removing the lid, steam can give you a nasty scald. It is advisable to allow the food to stand for a minute to allow it to cool off a little before handling. If you don’t want the food to become overcooked in this time, try reducing the cooking time a little or opening the microwave door. Another top tip is to make sure you use your microwave’s timer. Overcooking of any container in the microwave could cause problems. Following a recipe for the timings will help avoid overheating.

These instructions work well for most microwaveable containers but always check the manufacturer’s guidelines first. Most manufacturers have these details on their website or a customer service team that will answer your questions.

Maybe it’s not time to say goodbye to your trusty old Rubbermaid containers just yet after all.

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