Can you microwave solo cups?

Q. In the cold winter months I like to take a flask of soup to work but when things get busy, I can’t always take my lunch break early enough for the soup to stay warm. There is a stack of solo cups by the water cooler in the office and I wondered if I could use those to reheat it? I can’t use the flask as it clearly states it is not microwave safe. I used to take microwave safe Tupperware to work but it kept going missing, by the time three containers had disappeared I vowed not to waste anymore money on replacing them! Can you microwave solo cups?

solo cups

A. The short answer is no, you can’t microwave solo cups. While solo cups are pretty solid, they aren’t very heat resistant. If you have tried drinking coffee from them, you have probably noticed they can become a bit squishy in your hand. The plastic from which they are made gets weak and pliable at fairly low temperatures so it would not be a good idea to use these for heating food or beverages in the microwave.

Since solo cups are not designed for use in the microwave, you risk several problems. The plastic can become extremely hot and can burn you when try to remove the cup from the microwave. The cup could even start to melt and the food can begin to spill or it could become a complete messy puddle, ruining your food, creating a time-consuming clean-up job during your lunch break and even potentially causing injury.

You can buy microwave-safe flasks so perhaps that could be your next investment. You can keep it with you throughout the day to avoid it being ‘borrowed’ and all you have to do is reheat it in the one container your brought the soup in with. Less washing up, less trash and more satisfyingly hot soup!

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