Can I Put Clothes In The Microwave

Q: I know it sounds weird, but I am talking like socks and stuff. I have back problems and I needed a heating pad the other night, only to find out that mine had burst. The inside was just little pellets. I called my mother and she said I can just put a pillow case over it and use it until I get a new one. Can I do that?

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A: Just going to state the common disclaimer that unless you know the material is completely metal free, you should not put it in the microwave. If the material were washed with anything like metal shavings, from your occupation, you should not microwave those materials. However, yes, you can make a homemade heating pad using rice and a tube sock, or even a pillow case.

Yes, But be careful

To make a homemade heating pad using a sock and rice, get a clean, non-tattered sock (one without a mate, maybe?) and pour about 2 cups of rice into the sock. Pull the top tight and tie into a good knot.

When you want to use it, microwave it for a minute and a half, depending on how warm you need it.

Note, it will smell a little but this is normal, any heating pad will smell the same. It’s just the heat.

If your heating pad broke and the inners are spilling out, put it inside a small pillow case and tie it off tightly. You should look into a new heating pad as the pillow case method tends to be lumpy and not as even as a “pad” so to say.

So no matter if your heating pad broke and you plopped it into a pillowcase and tied it off, or just made a rice sock, you have a reusable heating pad to take care of any muscle aches you have! Or just something warm for your toes this winter.

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