Can You Microwave A Baby Bottle?

My wife and I just had our first born. Our beautiful daughter enjoys middle of the night bottles. We have come to accept this as she is quite young, but we both work so making a new bottle is very challenging when you are bleary eyed. Can we microwave a baby bottle to make it warm?

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No! FDA guidelines very clearly state that microwaving any food or beverage is not recommended. The reason for this is because of uneven heating. This uneven heating can cause hot spots, which will then scald the baby as it is eating or drinking. Also, if heated too hot, beneficial bacteria that may be present in the breast milk or formula will be destroyed at high heats.

“NO, You can NOT Microwave a Baby Bottle”

These tips apply to plastic, glass, and removable liner type bottles.
To warm a bottle for your baby, you should use hot tap water, or the stove for even, consistent warmth.

To warm a bottle using the tap, simply run the bottle with either the formula or breast milk under the hot water. It is also a timesaver to plug the sink, and allow the water to pool around the bottle, as you warm it. Ensure no water enters the bottle.
This process may take 5-8 minutes, depending on the starting temperature of the liquid. Shake often to ensure even heating.

Test on the back of the hand (not the wrist- the most heat tolerant place on your body). Milk should be lukewarm.

To warm a bottle over the stove, find a pot where you can fill it up to cover ½ to ¾ of the bottle. Add water, and turn on medium heat. Do not boil the water as you may overheat the contents.

This process is only slightly faster, it should take about 5-7 minutes to warm a bottle.
Never serve a baby a bottle without checking the temperature on the back of the hand. Just because it feel warm or cool, does not mean the center is the same temperature.

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