Can You Microwave Baby Formula?

Q: My wife can no longer breastfeed our twins, so we have been working to transition to a formula for night feedings. Is there a way to “quickly” warm the water or milk so I can go back to a regular sleep schedule within the next year? Can you microwave baby formula?


A: Every parent has been there. Baby is having a meltdown at 3 AM, as you stand over the sink trying to warm a cold bottle in vain. Those nights, while unavoidable, can quickly be solved. Yes, you can microwave baby formula, but there are a few important notes of caution.

Microwaving liquids causes hotspots. You must shake, or stir the formula very well to ensure that everything is mixed well.

Always test the temperature with the back of your hand, this is the most temperature sensitive areas on your body.

Microwaving bottles is not recommended, as they may get warm as well. Also, for older bottles, they may still have the BPA chemical in the plastic, which will leach into the liquid when heated.

With those notes kept in consideration, microwaving formula is very easy.
If you are uncomfortable with microwaving the formula, you can easily warm the milk or water in a microwave safe cup, then add it to the bottle and mix in the formula.

Microwaving a bottle is easy, simply add the desired amount of water and formula, then microwave for 30 seconds. Be sure that you remove the nipple before microwaving as they may be deformed by the heat.

Remove the bottle and shake or stir vigorously for 15 seconds. If mixing, work up and down the bottle as you stir.

Replace the nipple and test the temperature on the back of your hand. If further heating is needed, using the hot water method will finish warming the bottle safely. Do not microwave again as it will be much too hot for your baby!

Meltdowns are no fun for anyone involved, so being able to handle them quickly is important to getting through your day. Microwaving a bottle is safe, and easy, as long as you do it slowly. Remember to always test the temperature of the bottle before offering it.

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